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  • Alex Moss

Rainbow Balls

A fun and simple activity for adults and children of all ages. No matter your skill level or age... this is a wonderful project.

Babies and toddlers: will enjoy watching you plan, implement and complete a project. They will also reap the rewards of play as they explore the wonderful colours and learn how to roll and play with the ball.

Older children: will enjoy modelling and imitating you and working on the project together. Like the babies and toddlers, they will benefit from watching you and participating in the planning, implementation and completeness of the project, and reaping the rewards of a finished project.

What will children discover:

  • All children will benefit from your determination and commitment to the project.

  • They will learn the skills of project management and organisation.

  • They will discover that projects need to be planned and completed, and that while the outcome may not be 100% perfect the fact is we can only learn from tasks once we complete them.

  • They will ignite their creativity and imagination.

  • They will learn the skills of sustainability.

Enjoy the video below by Pepper and Pine


  • Cast on 18-20 stitches (less if your yarn is bulky)

  • Knit 12 rows in each colour (we chose six colours in the rainbow)

  • Cast off

  • Using a blunt sewing needle for knitting, sew the side closed, sew the top closed and pull to create the top of the circle

  • Fill the ball with wool/felt/cotton cloth

  • Sew the bottom closed and pull to close the circle

Please share your experiences, thoughts and comments below!

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