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  • Alex Moss

Containing the Woody Allen within...

During uncertain times it is often a challenge for people to maintain composure and inner peace. The question is often how do we hold the space inside and out, for ourselves and others... when we feel so powerless over our world and our tomorrow?

In order to hold the space for others we first need to hold the space for ourselves. In order to hold the space for ourselves, we need to have experienced having a place of security and serenity within.

Some of us may be able to tap into a childhood experience where our caregiver(s) provided this space for us. If you are able to acknowledge that at one point in time you were held, you are therefore able to hold that space for others.

However, if your are unable to recall an experience of being held... don't lose hope. You can tap into this space by taking a little journey back in time and holding the space and place for yourself. Terraforma has a 14 Lesson process to help you and others learn to "hold the space" for yourself and others.

The 14 Lesson process will support you in increasing your EQ and thus growing your emotional maturity...

"Adults know that emotional reactions to situations are futile. They realise that drama is a waste of time. They realise that when others act out, it's from their child. Adults have the ability and maturity to recognise another's behaviour as strictly coming from that person's wounded child's place (that just wants to be seen, heard, and validated). They know to hold space for others and not take things personal. By holding space, they provide a safe space for the others to get it all out, without taking on their emotions and making it their own. They recognise other people's child's reactions, and they know not to get in the sandbox with them. They know you, as the adult, will always know what to do."

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